We’re an innovative autistic-led social enterprise in Croydon

“I want to build a community of quiet activists!”

Autistic Youth Hub survey respondent

Lived experience as expertise

We create, collaborate on, and curate tailored work, training and social opportunities for autistic people across South London.

We set our priorities via specialist advisory groups who represent the diversity and intersectionality of our community.

What we do…

Driven by social value and impact

We also work with private, public and third sector organisations who support autistic people in South London.

Our goal is to become the ‘go-to’ provider of innovative, entrepreneurial services that are ethical and mutually beneficial.

Partner with us…

Over 75% of our survey respondents said they would prefer, and do better with, opportunities designed by and for autistic people

Our Approach

We develop and run right-sized, autistic-led and autistic-majority environments that are safe, self-directed and self-determined to maximise accessibility, inclusion and ongoing sustainability.

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Our Priorities

Our primary focus is supporting autistic people without additional intellectual disability – both pre- and post-diagnosis, including those who are self-diagnosed – who are currently underserved.

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Work Opportunities

We aim to offer a diverse range of work opportunities to suit different levels of experience and ability across internships, volunteer roles, our advisory groups and paid job vacancies.

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Autistic & aged 16-30?

We’re building our autistic youth hub first as we believe this community space – online and irl – is the highest priority.

We are looking for autistic young people to help us, to get our scope and priorities right.

If you are aged 16-30 and identify as autistic, with or without diagnosis, we’d love you to get involved.

You could:

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