Our Team

We are a group of autistic and similarly neurodivergent people who believe that we need much better work and social opportunities that are designed, built and run by us for us.

Our co-Directors have personal and parental lived experience of autism and similar neurodivergences including ADHD, dyspraxia, hypermobility spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.

Allie and Jill bring broad, complementary skills and experience from across the private and public sectors. They are both Mental Health First Aiders.

From business start-up and new product development, creative facilitation and mentoring to project and change management, case work and policy implementation.

Pre-launch project team

We are grateful to have been supported over many months by a very talented working group of autistic and similarly neurodivergent young people and adults to get to the point of incorporation and launch.

Their passionate commitment on top of day jobs and education; their energy, diverse opinions and conviction have made this organisation both possible and credible.

Notably, thank you to Jo Brown for our Autistic Youth Hub logo and to Robin Bracken-Kemish for their broad contribution to our strategy, priorities and working approach.