Partner With Us

Our goal is to become the ‘go-to’ provider of innovative, entrepreneurial and best practice-led services for third-party organisations to engage with the autistic community in South London.

We are intent on creating an open, accessible and inclusive working dialogue that considers the various and varied needs, capabilities and priorities of all parties.

Our lived experiences bring unique insights and the skills needed to work together with a ‘By Us For Us’ ethos.

Our culture of intrapreneurship and peer-led review treats service users as expert partners to create exciting and innovative collaborations that are ethical and mutually beneficial.

We create strategies to maximise engagement and the uptake of our services to deliver a return on investment (from both the organisations’ and the autistic community’s perspectives) and to satisfy social value requirements.

We are working to develop our Theory of Change at an organisational, service and project level and we will always measure the impact of everything we do.