What We Do

We are a group of autistic and similarly neurodivergent people who believe that we need much better work and social opportunities that are designed, built and run by us for us.

We design and run projects and services that support autistic individuals, and the community as a whole, in fulfilling their potential:

  • increasing independence and autonomy,
  • increasing community visibility, participation and inclusion,
  • and improving economic, health and longevity outcomes.

We are ambitious and hope to lead long-term change by demonstrating ways of working that create tangible, replicable success; not by promoting yet more awareness.

Our Scope

We spent many months researching and talking to a cross-section of autistic people and service providers to set our initial seven-point scope:

  • social network and events
  • online resources hub
  • peer support and self-advocacy
  • LGBTQIA+ and gender identity advocacy
  • supported jobs and apprenticeships
  • training and skills
  • enterprise development