Youth Advisory Group members – voluntary

Our first major project is to build our Autistic Youth Hub – a dual online and real world – space that celebrates neurodivergent culture and ways of being while acknowledging the challenges of being autistic through the later stages of adolescence, higher/further education and into the workplace.

We’re about to start scoping and defining the project. We have some ideas but we’re looking for autistic young people aged 16-30 to help us get them right.

You do not need a formal diagnosis and you don’t need any specific skills or experience. You can be involved as much or as little as you want.

We’re really interested to hear from a broad range of people with different opinions and interests and at different life stages. We’re keen to understand how we can deliver something really valuable and meaningful.

We will mostly be working together remotely/online to build a specification (a glorified To Do list), prioritise the requirements (by looking at timings and costs and what will be most useful), and put together funding proposals.

The process will start with an online kick-off session towards the end of August. We will be launching in stages from autumn 2023 onwards.

It’s a great opportunity to be part of shaping a complex project, learning how that works, and perhaps meeting some new like-minded people along the way.

We don’t want any barriers to people joining in so you can let us know if you’re interested via:

if you need this information in a different format, or have any questions, let us know.